Treat Kids.
Nurture Healthy Habits.

Our donors provide funding, products and equipment to help repair broken smiles, and community education tools to foster healthy habits to last a lifetime. Together, we are focused on two areas: Access to Care and Prevention & Education.

Access to Care

Many families cannot access professional dental care, even if they have dental insurance coverage. Why?

To help families overcome these obstacles, our three Access to Care programs are designed to help under-served children and teens access the care they need to be pain free, healthy and ready to learn:

dental resource program

Member clinics for dental care

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in the gap program

Grants for extensive care or specialist services

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special kids program

Resources for exceptional patients

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Thanks to our donors, we have distributed more than $25.7 million in financial support and resources to our nationwide network of nonprofit dental clinics and community partners that serve children living with financial hardships.

Prevention & Education

Dental disease is preventable yet the majority of oral health efforts focus on restorative care, rather than prevention. This creates a revolving door of drill, fill and pull where children access services only when in severe pain or in need of invasive and expensive treatment. Why?

Our three Prevention & Education programs are designed to prevent future decay with awareness initiatives and educational tools designed to reach the most vulnerable children and families where they live, work and play:

Smile drive program

Community program that collects oral care products for kids

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hero program

Health Education Resources + Outreach Program

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chat program

Community Health Action Tools make learning about oral health fun and easy!

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Because of donors like you, we have been able to spread oral health education to over 500,000 kids and caregivers each year. To date more than 2.4 million oral care products have been distributed to kids in need across the country.