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Be an Oral Health Action Hero.

Childhood tooth decay is Public Health Enemy #1 in America! Are you ready to rise to the task to defeat tooth decay in your community?

Our Health Education Resources and Outreach Program (HERO) mobilizes and equips volunteers to educate their communities about oral health. Oral Health Action Heroes:

  1. Identify their local beliefs, behaviors and environmental influences that contribute to poor oral health where they live.
  2. Discover and implement simple changes that can make a big difference!
  3. Provide resources to take action and improve the oral health of people living in their community.

Each community has its own unique challenges when it comes to good oral health. Solutions that work in one region may not fix the issues in another. To make an impact in all of our nation’s communities we need heroes to step up and take action! Will YOU join the fight?

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HERO Guide: Individuals

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HERO Guide: Groups

Download the HERO Guide for group projects.

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America’s ToothFairy has resources available for those reaching groups of children through educational outreach and oral health projects. Resources can include educational materials and kits, and project partnership opportunities.

ToothFairy 101 Kit

The ToothFairy 101® Community Education Kit is a comprehensive oral health curriculum. It provides hands-on learning for children and youth (ages 4 and up), as well as adults. The Kit provides 12 scripted lessons appropriate for classrooms, daycare centers, after-school programs, and even locations where adults are receiving services who may benefit from understanding how oral health impacts overall health.

The Kit is designed to equip anyone interacting with children, youth, and parents/caregivers with an easy-to-use tool for oral health education. You do not need to have an oral health education background to use the Kit, but you must agree to collect matched pre- and post-tests on at least 70% of the children reached with the kit. Click here to request a ToothFairy 101 Kit.

Each kit includes:

  • Double-sided magnetic display board
  • Magnets
  • Giant toothbrush
  • Access to downloadable activity sheets
  • 12-lesson bilingual curriculum
  • other free resources and tools

In addition to the ToothFairy 101 Kit, America’s ToothFairy offers custom Resource Kits to eligible entities providing oral health education and outreach.

Contact programs@ncohf.org for more information.

You can help nonprofit community groups educate families about good oral health!

Contact us for more details about Education Resource Sponsorship.

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