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Overcoming Barriers to Care.

Thanks to generous donations, our In the Gap Program can provide grants for patients who have insufficient dental coverage for services that cost more than their family can afford. Grants are limited to Dental Resource Program clinics. DRP members will be notified by email when grant cycles are open.

Funding is determined on a case-by-case basis, and may be used to cover services such as:

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Teen's Sleep Affected by Rampant Decay

When Maggie* finally sought dental treatment she was in a considerable amount of pain. Almost half of the 16 year-old's teeth needed immediate care. Fifteen of Maggie's teeth needed fillings and another needed a root canal and crown. It was evident that her family was struggling and in need of help.

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Give a child a healthy smile.

Your support makes it possible to end dental pain and restore healthy smiles!

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