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Naomi's Story

When the staff at Community Dental Care (CDC) in Maplewood, Minnesota first met Naomi* they immediately noticed subpar dental restorations on her four front teeth. Upon further examination they found decay on four of the 15 year-old’s molars. To make matters worse, Naomi’s existing crowns had large overhangs that were impacting the health of her gums, and recurring decay was forming. They feared she might lose her front teeth.

As a safety-net clinic that serves disadvantaged populations, the team at CDC believed Naomi deserved a higher standard of care in spite of her family’s significant financial barriers. They reached out to America’s ToothFairy for financial assistance to help Naomi receive the best care possible. With support from MGE: Management Experts, we could grant their wish to cover the cost of replacing Naomi’s existing crowns, addressing the recurrent decay and improve the gum health around her teeth.

These grants don’t just help kids like Naomi who need extensive restorative treatment. By helping to meet the urgent and extensive dental needs of a single patient, these gifts help our program members free up resources to extend access to dental services and oral health education to more kids in their communities.

“We are grateful to America’s ToothFairy for your continued support in providing In the Gap awards for patients in need,” CDC’s Director of Development, Crystal Yang said. “Your charitable support helps our team provide oral health education and preventive services to many children who would otherwise not have received it.”

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*Patient's name has been changed to protect their privacy. Not all grantees have provided photos. In some cases, stock photos are used to represent a patient’s gender, age and ethnicity if known.

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