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Meet Atticus & Will

Through our In the Gap program, we worked with Kids Community Dental Clinic (KCDC), one of our clinical partners, to identify eight patients in need of orthodontic services. Invisalign donated all the product needed to complete treatment and change their lives. Peter Shimizu, DDS volunteered his time and expertise to help provide services for teens who submitted an essay on why they wanted to receive Invisalign services and how straightening their teeth would make them feel. Atticus and Will were two of the eight patients selected.

Although Atticus brushes and flosses regularly to keep his teeth healthy, he has always been concerned about his crooked teeth and uncomfortable with his smile. When we asked him how he would feel if his teeth were straightened he responded, "I would feel great, like a new person! I would be able to laugh, smile, and talk to others without worrying about my teeth." He was so excited to learn he was selected to receive Invisalign!

Will was only 11 years old when he wrote his essay but was already very self-conscious about his smile. "My teeth are crooked and smiling is embarrassing," he told us. Not only would orthodontic treatment make Will feel better about his smile, but treatment would also make it easier for him to clean between his teeth, chew, and speak. After his treatment was complete, KCDC told us, "Will is a more confident middle schooler now that he has a nice smile!"

"Your foundation makes a difference in the health of low income children!" KCDC Executive Director, Dale Gorman said, thanking us and Invisalign for the opportunity. "We are really enjoying the fabulous Invisalign product and the results that end in happy, healthy smiles for children who would not otherwise be so privileged to receive such a program!"

“Because every child deserves a healthy smile” is more than a mere tag line to us—it is the reason America’s ToothFairy exists. We are encouraged in our mission when corporations like Invisalign join with us to restore broken smiles, build a child’s self esteem, improve their health and social development, and impact their future employability.

To learn more about helping kids like Atticus and Will, check out our More Smiles Campaign or click here to contribute today.

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