5 Great Ways to Celebrate National Children's Dental Health Month!

Since the American Dental Association started their oral health awareness campaign as a one-day event in 1941, it has grown to a nationally recognized month-long effort to spread awareness and information about the benefits of proper oral health for children. Each year, communities learn about oral health through health fairs, poster displays, essay contests, free dental screenings, presentations in classrooms and more.

Below you will find ways to engage in your community along with us. Choose how you’ll help spread oral health awareness, then share your story with the hashtag #TeethRule so we can share it to inspire others!


#1: Host a Smile Drive!

Our Smile Drive is a great way to give back to and educate your community about the oral health crisis in America during National Children's Oral Health Month and throughout the year! For many struggling families, oral care products are a luxury they simply cannot afford. Collect toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, rinse, and mouth guards and donate to an organization that benefits at-risk kids in your community.

Since 2014, our awesome Smile Drive volunteers have distributed more than two million oral care products to families in need!

Visit our Smile Drive page for fun contests and how to register.


#2: Register to Be an Oral Health Action HERO!

Childhood tooth decay is Public Health Enemy #1 in America! In order to stop decay, we must triumph over three barriers: beliefs, behaviors, and environmental influences.

Each community has its own unique challenges when it comes to good oral health. Our Health Education Resources and Outreach Program (HERO) works to identify and address those specific issues at a local level. Our local Oral Health Action Heroes are essential to the success of our education programs nationwide. To make an impact in all of our nation’s communities we need heroes to step up and take action! Will YOU join the fight?

Learn more on our HERO webpage.

Simply need fun activities to educate kids about oral health? Find resources here


#3: Get Social!

Throughout the month of February, we will be sharing oral health facts, tips, and resources to spread awareness of the need for oral health education, preventive services and access to care for children across the nation. You can help by following us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, or LinkedIn to share our posts with your friends and colleagues.

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#4: Give to In the Gap.

Did you know that America's ToothFairy helps pay for care for kids who require services that cost more than their family can afford? Thanks to generous donations, our In the Gap Program can provide grants for patients of our partner clinics who need services such as extensive restorative care, specialized services, dental appliances, anesthesia and more. 

National Children's Dental Health Month is a great time to help support this wonderful program. 100% of your tax-deductible donation will go directly to fund the care of a child in need. To give, click here and select "Urgent Dental Services for a Child".


#5: Volunteer at one of our partner clinics.

Our nonprofit Dental Resource Program clinics sometimes need a helping hand from community volunteers. Find one near you and inquire about ways you can help or check the list of opportunities at the end of this post, below. Find a list of clinics with links to their websites here.


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