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SS White Donates Products to Help Our Members Save Smiles

May 2023: Edited to include a second product donation!

With rising inflation and low reimbursement rates from state-funded insurance plans, safety-net dental clinics often struggle to meet the needs of their patients who can’t afford to pay for care. Donated dental supplies and equipment from generous companies like SS White Dental help the members of our Dental Resource Program meet the needs of their underserved communities at a reduced cost and sometimes even at no-cost to the patient.

The dental manufacturer recently donated more than $1,000,000 worth of dental rotary instruments to help us ensure all children can access the dental care they need to be healthy. We distributed the donation to 55 nonprofit dental clinics serving low-income patients and families that live in Dental Professional Shortage Areas across the United States.

Each year one in five kids goes without dental care, and in many cases, that’s because there aren’t enough service providers to meet the needs of the community.

Children who live in underserved areas often wait a year or longer to get an appointment. When tooth decay is already present, that long wait time can change the need for a simple filling into a root canal or extraction. However, when generous people like the folks at SS White Dental donate their instruments, they help free up resources to serve more kids and shorten wait times.

A staff member at Capstone Rural Health Center in Parrish, Alabama thanks SS White Dental for their donated burrs. The dental manufacturer recently donated more than $500,000 worth of rotary instruments to America’s ToothFairy.

Cynthia Randazzo, President of Cass County Dental Clinic in Kansas City, Missouri was excited to receive their donation. “These donated burs will help us provide restorative dental care for low-income children in our community,” she told us. “We are so grateful for the continued partnership with America’s ToothFairy!”

Likewise, Georgia Famuliner from Smiles for a Lifetime in Fairfax, South Carolina was also happy to receive their donated burrs. In a note of gratitude she said, “We are a school-based dental center and the burs are a tremendous help. These donations are huge for our organization!” 

“SS White values the work of America’s ToothFairy to increase access to dental care for families that otherwise might have to go without,” SS White Dental Owner and CEO, Tom Gallop, said. “We are honored to contribute to help in these efforts.” 

For more information about donating dental products and equipment or office supplies to the nonprofit dental care providers we serve, visit

Staff members from (l-r) Cass County Dental Clinic in Kansas City, MO, Gateway to Oral Health Foundation in St. Louis, MO, and Ravenswood Family Health Network in East Palo Alto, CA share their gratitude for SS White Dental's generous donation of diamond rotary instruments.
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