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Auction Benefits Kids Nationwide

More kids have a reason to smile thanks to MGE: Management Experts, Inc. The practice management training organization held an auction benefitting America’s ToothFairy during their annual Owner’s Conference raising more than $100,000 to support programs that serve thousands of kids nationwide. Thanks to the generosity of their members, community organizations have been equipped to teach children about oral health, low-income kids have received grants to pay for dental services that cost more than their families could afford, and our clinics are holding preventive service events.

Protect Your Smile Resource Kits: More than 20 kits have been distributed to schools, nonprofit dental clinics, and community organizations reaching 9,800 children. Each kit contains toothbrushes, printed activity sheets, mirror clings to remind children to "brush, floss, rinse and repeat", brushing charts, and scripted oral health lessons and activities. Some of the organizations that received kits were InReach NC (pictured), an organization that provides resources for children with developmentaldisabilities; Charlotte Family Housing, a shelter-to-housing program for homeless families; and Safe Alliance, an organization that serves victims ofdomestic violence.

In the Gap Grants: 22 grants were awarded for kids in need of urgent or restorative dental care that would otherwise be out of reach due to cost. One such child is Stacey*, a 17-year old who lives with her grandmother. Her father is in prison and her mother has not been in the picture, due to drug addiction. Since Social Security is her only source of income, her grandmother was unable to pay for the crown Stacey needed, which was not covered by her state-funded health plan. MGE's amazing gift covered the entire cost of the procedure. When Stacey's grandmother was notified about the good news she exclaimed, “Oh my goodness, I have goosebumps! Thank you, thank you!” MGE's In the Gap grant not only provided Stacey with much-needed oral health services, but also made her future brighter.

Screen & Clean ToothFairy Grants: Lastly, grants were awarded to eight of our nonprofit clinical partners delivering preventive services including dental screenings and cleanings throughout February, National Children’s Dental Health Month. Two of these grants funded projects addressing the oral health needs ofchildren with disabilities including Apple Tree Dental who will travel to Moorhead, Minnesota to deliver dental screenings and exams, prophy, x-rays (if needed), fluoride treatments, oral hygiene instruction, education, and oral hygiene products tochildren with special access needs. Six grants funded outreach events in underserved communities in California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and at Central Community College in Hastings, Nebraska. Dental hygiene students from CCC will lead site visits to Head Start Programs as part of the service-learning curriculum. The students will provide preschoolers with dental education and screenings as well as educational materials and oral care products to take home.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy.

For more information about how your company can support access to care and preventive programs benefitting underserved and low-income kids, contact us at or 704-350-1600.

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