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Meet Sam

Sam* is just like other fourth graders you may know. But, like 1-in-5 kids in America, he hadn't been to the dentist in over a year (three years, to be exact.) When the team from Douglas County Dental Clinic, one of our Dental Resource Program member clinics, met him at a Screen & Seal event at his school, they also discovered he had two cavities that needed to be filled.

With support from America's ToothFairy, in 2019 our member clinics screened more than 243,700 kids and applied sealant to nearly 130,000 to help them protect their smiles from decay. Most of these kids would have gone without dental care without the help our Dental Resource Program clinics. But thanks to the support of our generous donors, Sam and thousands of kids just like him now have healthy smiles.

You can help provide resources for the upcoming year so our member clinics serving kids in need during Bid For Smiles! All proceeds benefit preventive programs across the country. You can save up to 50% on products and equipment and your purchase will help kids like Sam get the dental care they need.

Learn more about Bid For Smiles here.

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