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Meet Tatiana

When our partner clinic, Apple Tree Dental, visited Tatiana's school to conduct screenings, she was identified as having extensive dental needs. The team sent a letter to her parents to help them understand the severity of her dental needs. When they brought her to the clinic it was determined that Tatiana would need several extractions in order to get her infection under control.

Tatiana's family recently emigrated from Guatemala to start a new life. To help them through this difficult time of transition, the team at Apple Tree Dental worked with Tatiana's parents so they could pay for her extractions in small installments. However, they could not afford the fillings she still needed to stabilize the dental caries in her remaining teeth.

With help from an America's ToothFairy In the Gap grant of $500, the rest of Tatiana's treatment plan was completed to restore her smile to good health without her family incurring any more debt. She was so thankful to be out of pain that she wrote us a note that read, "I want to thank you for taking care of my teeth...I no longer have pain in my teeth, that makes me happy. God bless you."

Tatiana no longer has dental pain because of contributions from caring people just like you! To learn more about helping kids in need, check out our More Smiles Campaign or click here to give to help a child.

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