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Serious Illness Delays Care

Jenny* is a high school senior with dreams of going to college. Unfortunately, her plans were interrupted due to her father's illness. His condition had a profound impact on his family as he could not work.

Jenny recently required a root canal on one of her second molars, which was covered by her state-funded dental insurance. Unfortunately, the crown Jenny needed to complete her treatment was not covered and her family was already struggling to make ends meet. They could not afford to pay out of pocket. Having a healthy mouth sets a child up for a better, healthier, more productive future. Without this crown, the efficiency of Jenny’s mouth would decrease and functionality would suffer. Not having a full set of teeth can place more stress on her other teeth and, over time, her teeth could shift making her mouth more prone to decay and leading to gum disease.

Thankfully, Jenny's nonprofit dental care provider, Apple Tree Dental in Mounds View, Minnesota, is a member of the Dental Resource Program of America's ToothFairy. Because of Tomorrow's Smiles, a special initiative to help teens like Jenny, and a generous donor who gave, Apple Tree received a grant to cover the cost of Jenny's crown and get her back on track to pursue her dreams of a better life.

When Apple Tree received the notice that Jenny's crown would be paid for, they told us, "Jenny is an outstanding kid whose family is going through very challenging times. Receiving these services is life-changing for her. We are truly grateful!"

To learn more about the Tomorrow's Smiles initiative and a free gift for donating, please visit

*Patient's name has been changed to protect her privacy. Not all grantees have provided photos. In some cases, stock photos are used to represent a patient’s gender, age and ethnicity if known.

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