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Investing in Tomorrow's Smiles

Jake* was getting by with a dull ache in his jaw that was increasingly bothering him. His mother was worried that she couldn't afford any costly treatment, so she asked him to take pain killers and "be tough."

After several months, Jake could no longer tolerate the pain. His mother took him to Kids Community Dental Clinic (KCDC) in Burbank, California for x-rays and an exam. The team at KCDC found that Jake had impacted third molars.

As is the case in most areas where there simply aren't enough dental care providers to meet the needs of the community, the wait for an oral surgery appointment was long—in this case, more than six months. Jake didn't think he could take another six months of pain!

Thankfully, a local oral surgeon agreed to help Jake at a reduced rate of $550. Still, the cost of surgery was more than Jake's mother could afford.

As a Dental Resource Program member, KCDC qualifies for grants to serve struggling families who need help to pay for restorative dental care. And, through Tomorrow's Smiles, a special initiative specifically for teens, Jake's family had a better chance of receiving the hand up they needed to relieve Jake's pain.

Jake's mother was delighted to hear that America's ToothFairy would cover all the expenses of Jake's oral surgery! Because of the excellent care he received, he had minimal pain and swelling, and is very grateful for the help and support he received!

Thanks to the generosity of a Tomorrow's Smile grant benefactor, Jake is a happy teenager with busy summers filled with football practice and helping younger kids with sports leagues.

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*The patient's name has been changed to protect his privacy.

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