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Twin Boys Each had Decay on all 20 Baby Teeth

Ian and Ethan* each had decay on all 20 of their baby teeth. The boys’ pain was so severe they couldn’t eat or sleep.

When the twin 3-year-old boys arrived at our member clinic, Apple Tree Dental in Maplewood, Minnesota, they received immediate care to relieve their pain until they were able to get restorative care under general anesthesia.

No child should have to suffer from tooth decay! With support from donors including Septodont, we have provided more than $22 million in resources to help our nonprofit partners serve over 7.4 million kids, including Ian and Ethan. Since they received treatment they’ve gained a healthy weight because eating doesn’t hurt anymore. They’re sleeping better and their parents are so relieved and appreciative.

Thanks to Septodont’s commitment to build a world free of dental pain, our member clinics can help more kids, to not only relieve their suffering and restore their smiles, but also to help restore their self-confidence, improve their ability to succeed at school, and open doors of opportunity as they grow up.

Together, we can create a future where every child has a healthy smile! Click the button above to donate today!

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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