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Meet Tanner

Imagine what life must be like to be a hard-working farmer, laboring during the hot summer days to provide for your family, but falling short during the winter months when the ground is frozen solid. This is the challenge faced by the father of Tanner, a teenager from Northern Minnesota who was in desperate need of dental care to save his molars.

After undergoing several root canal treatments, Tanner's teeth were fracturing. If he didn't receive crowns quickly, he was in danger of losing two teeth. Although his father works very hard and Tanner holds two jobs during the summer, the family simply didn't have the money to cover the procedure, which is not covered by state-funded dental plans.

Thankfully, his dental care provider, Apple Tree Dental at Fergus Falls Center, is a member of our Dental Resource Program! The team at Apple Tree applied for an In the Gap grant to help cover the treatment Tanner needed to save his teeth. Now he has a healthy mouth and a grateful family!

Tanner received treatment because of contributions from caring people like you! To learn more about helping kids like Tanner, check out our More Smiles Campaign or click here to contribute today.

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