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Meet Ashley

Before Ashley* came into Cass County Dental Clinic for an unexpected appointment, she was busy being a teenager. The 17-year-old goes to high school, sings in the school choir and works two jobs. But in February, her life was interrupted by a dental emergency. Her tooth and a previously placed crown broke off near the gum line.

Ashley was anxious that it would have to be extracted. Dr. Madeline Sloan discovered that less than 50 percent of Ashley's tooth remained and that the previously placed crown needed to be repaired to prevent her tooth from fracturing. Unfortunately, Medicaid would not cover the necessary procedures to restore her smile.

Cass Community Health Foundation turned to America's ToothFairy for help. An application for In the Gap funding was submitted on Ashley’s behalf and $1,500 was granted to complete the dental work she needed. “When we told her we were able to get funding to help restore the tooth she was elated. Because this was a premolar tooth, it not only performs and aids in primary chewing function but was also close enough to the front of her mouth that it was visible when she spoke,” Dr. Sloan said. The clinic was able to successfully repair Ashley’s tooth. A new porcelain crown was placed to fully restore her tooth to proper form and function.

“It will continue to function as a very important tooth in maintaining a healthy mouth. Now she has her beautiful smile back.”

Our In the Gap Program helps patients of our member clinics access the restorative care they need for a healthy smile.

We believe every child deserves a healthy smile. Learn how YOU can help kids access annual preventive care as part of our Be the ToothFairy campaign.

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