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Auction Supports Back-to-School Outreach and More!

Last spring MGE: Management Experts held their annual Owner’s Conference and invited their members to participate in a lively auction to benefit our programs. As a result, they raised more than $107,000!

These Archie School District superhero students lined up to tackle cavities and poor dental hygiene habits at one of Cass Community Health Foundation’s school-based dental screenings in Kansas City, Missouri. Now they can continue their school year with healthy, strong smiles!

A portion of the proceeds provided fun, superhero-themed oral health education kits for 10 organizations participating in back-to-school outreach events. The kits equipped them to reach 10,000 kids in communities at high risk for poor oral health and included activity booklets, dry-erase brushing charts, 2-minute timers, toothbrushes, super-hero masks and capes, and photo booth props so that kids who pledged to brush and floss daily could have their photo taken.

“We were lucky to receive these resources and can tell the impact it had on our outreach effort. They helped us engage the conversation with young patients and their parents during our community events. As a result, we have welcomed 454 new patients. That represents a 60% increase compared to the same period the year before!”

– Sophie Parsons, Augusta Regional Dental Clinic, Fishersville, VA

L-R: Girls receive superhero-themed educational materials and other oral health supplies while other students pose in oral health action hero attire during a back-to-school event in Maplewood, MN; a boy from Owatonna, MN poses in the hero photo booth after pledging to brush and floss every day!

“We love it when kids get excited about brushing and flossing their teeth before the school year starts! Thank you, America's ToothFairy for your fun donations to get everyone motivated!!”

–Holly Jorgensen, Let’s Smile, Inc., Owatonna, MN

Some of the events also included parents and caregivers, who received brochures with information about how to keep smiles healthy for a lifetime. Some of them even got in on the photo booth fun!

In addition to the educational resources, MGE’s generosity will fund grants and resources to provide critical dental services for underserved children and youth across the country in need of dental treatment.

“Our members were enthusiastic about sharing the fruits of their success to help children in marginalized communities have healthier smiles.”

–Luis Colón, CEO and President, MGE: Management Experts

Preschoolers in Wisner, Nebraska pose in their oral health action hero capes and masks after a dental hygiene presentation from the Elkhorn Logan Valley Public Health Department.

Discover how your organization can collaborate with America’s ToothFairy to help children in under-resourced communities learn to prevent tooth decay and access the dental care they need to be healthy. Contact Jill Malmgren at to get started!

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