Wear Your Wings Challenge

Join America's ToothFairy in saying "Every child deserves a healthy smile!"

Across the United States many families lack access to dental care and preventive services. As a result, millions of children are at risk of losing teeth and developing dangerous infections that can impact their overall health, their ability to focus at school, their self-esteem, and their future employment opportunities.

Help spread awareness by sharing a video of yourself Wearing Your Wings and challenging your friends to do the same. It's easy and fun! Even the Carolina Panthers' Jonathan Stewart is getting in on the fun. Check it out:

  1. Choose an oral health fact to share (there is a list provided, below, or research your own.)
  2. Wear costume/dress-up wings and record yourself doing a daily activity or something you love. For example: working out, playing with your kids, mowing the lawn, playing music or singing, dancing, or cleaning your house.
  3. Share your oral health fact and challenge three or more of your friends to wear their wings. Here is an example script (feel free to change it up and make it your own!):

    "Did you know that 1 out of 5 kids goes without dental care each year? That’s why I’m wearing my wings to show my support for America’s ToothFairy. They help kids in need access dental care and have healthier smiles.

    I challenge my friends [insert names of 3 friends] to wear their wings in the next three days or make a donation at to help support their mission. Then challenge three of your friends to do the same! Because every child deserves a healthy smile!”
  4. Then post your video to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Tag the friends you're challenging and America's ToothFairy so we can see your video! Use the hashtags #BeTheToothFairy or #WearYourWings

Adapt the script to the way you naturally talk.
Add some humor and have fun!
Just be sure to mention America's ToothFairy, our cause, and to make a donation at our website address.

Oral Health Facts and Statistics:
• 1 out of 5 kids goes without dental care each year.
• 13% of kids have untreated tooth decay. (That's millions of kids!)
• 51 million hours of school are missed each year due to dental disease.
• Tooth decay is the #1 untreated, chronic childhood disease.
• Millions of families live in Dental Health Professional Shortage Areas. (That means there aren't enough dentists to treat everyone.)
• Many families must choose between buying food or buying toothpaste or toothbrushes. Some share one toothbrush with their whole family or have no oral hygiene products in their home at all.

Thank you for caring about the oral health of our nation's kids!

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