America’s ToothFairy Advocates for Oral Health on Capitol Hill

America’s ToothFairy partnered with the National Drinking Water Alliance, Nutrition Policy Institute, MomsRising and Mission Readiness to advocate for clean drinking water and children’s oral health on Capitol Hill. The purpose of the event was to educate legislators in Washington DC about the impact of sugary beverages on children’s oral and overall health, raise awareness of how poor oral health can influence a child’s school attendance and academic performance, and advocate for safe drinking water access for youth in schools and communities across the country. The day concluded with a Congressional educational briefing for legislators, staffers and more than 50 participating organizations. This week, America’s ToothFairy will continue the effort by distributing oral health educational information to 1,000 schools in collaboration with MomsRising. We are proud to work alongside these organizations and others to ensure children have access to clean, fluoridated water wherever they live, learn and play.

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