June 1-30, 2024

Share Your Smile

Few things feel as good as sharing a smile with a stranger and getting a smile in return. This simple act connects us to other members of our community–one person to another–if only for a moment. A smile is something we can share freely and never run out.

What if smiling brought ridicule, embarrassment or shame? Not everyone is happy to share their smile.

Many communities face barriers to the dental care they need to maintain a healthy smile. To make matters worse, many within these communities also don’t know how to prevent dental disease.

Oral Health Month 2024

Everyone should have a healthy smile that they’re happy to share! Through the Share Your Smile campaign, we’ll build awareness of dental health inequities, the effect it has on children as they grow, and actions people can take to help.

This popular campaign will include free educational materials for elementary through high school students as well as resources for parents and caregivers. Plus we'll have a robust social media kit to build awareness online.

Learn more and sign up for campaign alerts at ShareYourSmileCampaign.org.

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