SmileConnect & America’s ToothFairy Announce Collaboration

A new partnership between SmileConnect® Community and America’s ToothFairy will expand community access to oral health resources!

SmileConnect® was created in 2016 by Altarum, a nonprofit health systems research and consulting organization, to connect those in need of oral health resources and services with those who provide them.

Seeking to extend its resources to a larger network, SmileConnect® approached America’s ToothFairy to explore opportunities for collaboration. Because America’s ToothFairy has developed an extensive network of nonprofit clinics, community organizations and volunteers committed to improving oral health in their communities, both organizations recognized a strong opportunity to pool resources and increase delivery of services.

Resources available through SmileConnect® include:

Teacher curriculum,
Take home dental kits
Live classroom presentations provided by dental students and professionals
Screening and preventive service offerings
Educational handouts and materials for children and families
America’s ToothFairy is making its own resources, including the popular ToothFairy 101® Community Education Kit, available through SmileConnect® and we invite you to visit SmileConnect for additional resources.

Anyone that works with young children can post a request for oral health resources, educational materials, or preventive services. To submit a request through SmileConnect®, create an account at, then click the “Create a Request” button.

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